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LDI=.20; RDI=.23
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We are proud to announce our 1st litter of puppies a.k.a. “Baby Bombs” from our amazing and gorgeous dogs, Jaeger aka “Jaeger the Bomb” and Zolotaya Tsarina Reka. 11 puppies born on Dec 9, 2022. There are 4 females available.

All AKC Testing and OFA CHIC. Normal elbows, eyes, heart, and ears.
Full Embark genetic tests – Other than Jaeger being a carrier for ichthyosis, both dogs are clear of all genetic diseases. We will provide Embark testing on all puppies.

Pennhip testing – both rated within 5% DI’s.

According to K9 data this breeding has a COI of 2.5% in last 10 generations and 3.99% in last 12 generations.

K9 data:
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Jaeger is the current #1 Golden Retriever in Dock Dogs Big Air This is his 5th year in a row with this honor. His longest jump recorded on camera is at 26 feet 7 inches. He is so excited to be on the dock. If you have a chance to see him on the dock, you will be amazed by his excitement and focus for this sport. It is not only with dock diving, Jaeger has non-stop energy with anything he does with his family. He also has his AKC Dock Elite and BCAT titles.

Reka is the sweetest pup in the world. She has her Good Canine Citizen, BCAT, and Dock Junior titles. She has the hunting instinct and loves to retrieve everything. We have not gotten involved in hunting qualifications but know if we ever did, she would excel. She has caught numerous rabbits on our acreage and loves to stalk the birds (and Jaeger). When we were able to try barn hunting, she showed excellent drive and skill in finding the rats. We wish there was a place closer to us that provided training so we could see just how great she could be at this fun game. Right now, Reka is excelling in nose work. After giving birth to these puppies, we plan to take Reka to her first nose work trial.

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