Vol X, Week 19 May 11, 2020


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Social Distancing

The first post COVID-19 Field Trial took place at Tall Pines the weekend of May 8-10. The Club worked hard with the AKC and other clubs to develop a protocol designed to keep competitors, judges and workers safe. Since then the AKC has also posted guidelines for clubs to use. We attended that event and our hats are off to the Club! 

Social Distancing at Tall Pines.

Age Matters


  • The youngest dog to finish was Rimfires Once Inna Blue Moon, (BLM, 3.9 yo), owned by Mike Crow and handled by Al Arthur (Sandhill Retrievers); they took Jam at TPRC.
  • The oldest dog to finish was FC Taylorlabs Hot Cinnamon Buns, (YLF, 9 yo), owned by Rose Meyer and handled by Lynn Troy (Claddagh Retrievers); they took 2nd at TPRC.



  • The youngest dog to finish was She Sells Seashells By The Seaside, (BLF, 3.1 yo), owned and handled by Shelby Songy; they took RJ at TPRC.
  • The oldest dog to finish was FC-AFC Mckinley First Ascender – Hudson, (YLM, 10.1 yo), owned by Bill Barstow, Patricia Barstow and handled by Bill Barstow ; they took Jam at TPRC.
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