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Canine Cardiac Clinic - December 10-11, 2019, Vernon, Florida

Tricuspid Valve Dysplasia (TVD) is a congenital heart defect seen in Labradors, although any breed can be affected. It results in a lack of a complete valve closure leading to a backflow of blood into the right atrium of the heart. This backflow causes that portion of the heart to become enlarged which can ultimately lead to congestive heart failure. 

The defect can sometimes be detected during a routine exam but an echocardiogram provides a definitive diagnosis. Dogs with mild TVD can live normal lives although those with severe TVD typically require medication which can provide good quality of life. 

The mode of inheritance is believed to be similar to hip dysplasia so the best course of action is to obtain a cardiac echo prior to breeding. A good pedigree is no guarantee that a given sire or dam is free of this defect.

Clinic Offered December 10-12, 2019, Vernon, Florida
A Canine Cardiac Clinic is being offered in conjunction with the mid-week LRC Gulf Coast Double D-Q, .

Lauren Schlatler, DVM, DACVIM, owner of Gulf Coast Veterinary Cardiology, will bring her mobile Cardiac unit to perform OFA echo-cardiograms Tuesday and Wednesday 12/10 and 12/11/2019. The cost is $220 for the owner’s first dog, with further discounts for each additionally owned dog. 

Please come prepared with a copy of the dog’s AKC registration papers and permanent identification numbers. For further information or to make an appointment please contact Dr. Schlater’s office at 850-764-1838.

Many thanks to Rita Jones for setting this up!

P.S. Missy Calgren Bell is trying to set one up in California in March. Please contact her with interest or if you have any questions: 209-606 -3114

AKC Retriever Hunting Test Advisory Committee Report

Jack Combs, presented the RHTAC report at the Master National. This committee reviews issues that pertain to the sports regulations and makes recommendations to the AKC. Decisions made by the AKC re sent to each club’s secretary (so be sure your’s is up to date.)

The full report is available here.

New National Champion

NFC-AFC Bayou Teche Swing for the Fence (Foxx) is a product of FC-AFC Bayou Teche Eye on the Ball and FC 3R’s Carbon Calie. Foxx is owned by Lauren Hays Curtis; David Aul, DVM was the breeder. This is the second National Foxx and Lauren have run; they made it to the fifth series last year. They have qualified for four National Amateurs.

NFC-AFC Bayou Teche Swing for the Fence

Prior to his win, Foxx, a 5.7 year old BLM, amassed 61 AA points including 4 Open wins, 3 Amateur wins and 23 Derby points including 3 wins. He won a Double Header in 2018 at Tejas HRC. 

In the past two years he has earned more than 1 point per start in the Open as well as in the Amateur in 2018. In the Derby he earned 2.1 points per start.

He earned his FC at 3.9 years old and was an AFC at 2.9 years old. He made the Derby List at 20 months.

He has already sired a number of litters and with today’s victory one would expect a great deal more.

Congratulations to owner-handler Lauren Hays Curtis and Glen Curtis!

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