Vol IX, Week 43 Oct 28, 2019


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The AKC has approved a new title, Master Amateur Hunter (MAH) effective November 1, 2019. It is awarded to those dogs that have passed the Master Amateur Invitational three times.

Retriever Results will automatically append the title as it is earned. You can see the list of newly titled dogs here.

Congratulations to the first 13 recipients!


This syndrome is the result of a traumatic event and manifests itself as forelimb lameness and the dog turning its wrist “out” when sitting or standing. The condition may be mistakenly diagnosed as a shoulder injury. 

This article provides more detail on the syndrome, its diagnosis and treatment. You can read it here.


UC Davis is one of three organizations in the Vaccination Against Canine Cancer Study, the largest clinical trial conducted to date for canine cancer. 

This study is focused on using a vaccine strategy for the prevention of cancer. 

Study participants must be healthy with no previous history of cancer, be between 6 and 10 years old, weigh at least 11 pounds, live within 150 miles of UC Davis, have a three-year medical history and be one of a list of breeds.

You can learn more here.



Sire & Dam Pairs with Finishing Offspring

Thornton’s Avian Nabbing K-9 x Drol’odhar Kellan Nam Cumoran MH15 (Breeder: Mary Mcneese, Dvm)

  • Thornton’s Avian Retrieving Ace, (BLF, 1.7) earned 2 Junior Passes at AlRC
  • Drol’odhar Brennan Caith JH, (BLF, 1.7) earned 2 Senior Passes at AlRC

North Fork’s Big River Is Rising MH35-MNH x Big Muddy’s Slick Phillie (Breeder: Eddie Sims)

  • Deadfall’s Fill Your Hands You Sob, (BLM, 2.5) earned a Master Pass at CKRC
  • Johnson’s Best Kept Rumor, (BLF, 2.5) earned a Master Pass at CKRC

FC-AFC Taylorlab Downtown Dusty Brown MH x Contender’s Ready Set Gone (Breeder: Jason Heffelmeier)

  • Ozark’s Trapped In Time, (YLM, 3) earned a Master Pass at CKRC
  • Dawgonit’s Eye On The Sky, (YLF, 3) earned a Master Pass at PCHRC

NAFC-FC Paddle Creek’s Pack Your Grip x Mississippi’s Own Holy Moly MH (Breeder: Mathew Marks, Matthew Marks)

  • Sands’ Midnight Dancer MH, (YLM, 4.9) earned a Master Pass at CKRC
  • Hunter’s Storm Warning In Effect MH21, (YLF, 6.1) earned a Master Pass at SusRC

FC-AFC Esprit’s Power Play x Lottos Catagory V Hurricane Kate MH (Breeder: Mike Simpson, Michael Simpson)

  • Cotton Bayou’s Lurking In Da Swamp, (BLM, 1.4) earned 2 Junior Passes at PCHRC
  • Leighton’s Right On The Mark, (BLM, 1.4) earned 2 Junior Passes at PCHRC

FC-AFC Watermark’s The Boss MH x Port Bays’s Miley Ray (Breeder: Joe Pierce)

  • Dawgonit’s Frozen Concoction, (BLF, 1.6) earned a Master Pass at PCHRC
  • Seco Valley’s Dulce Chick SH, (YLF, 2.3) earned a Master Pass at PCHRC

Redgates Five Star General QA2-MH26-MNH5 x Ira’s Extra Stout (Breeder: Cliff Ira, Megan Ira)

  • Ira’s Harper Go Lucky SH, (YLM, 2.6) earned a Master Pass at SMRC
  • Ira’s Too Much Torque SH, (BLM, 2.6) earned a Master Pass at SMRC

Topbrass Drake MH13 x Topbrass Dnd Susquehanna Dreamcatcher MH76 (Breeder: Donald Heffelfinger, Dora Heffelfinger)

  • Dnd Dances With Fire MH51, (GF, 7.8) earned a Master Pass at SusRC
  • Dnd Top Gun MH39, (GM, 7.8) earned a Master Pass at SusRC

Cin-d’s Storm Trooper MH-MNH5 x Double K’s Ruff Cut Black Diamond MH16 (Breeder: Bob Koch, Lyndall Koch)

  • Double K’s Just One More Time Hannah MH, (BLF, 2) earned a Master Pass at SusRC
  • Schimpff’s Bailey SH, (BLM, 2) earned a Senior Pass at SusRC

AFC Rebel Ridge Brace For Impact x Blackwaters Scouting Report MH (Breeder: Mike Kempel)

  • Goose Creeks Fire On The Mountain JH, (BLF, 1.6) earned a Senior Pass at SusRC
  • Tyler Cove’s Jax, (BLM, 1.6) earned a Junior Pass at SusRC

Goose Creek’s Farm Gator Point Cajun MH16 x Barren Creeks Marvious Molly MH (Breeder: David Aalders)

  • Barren Creeks Magnificent Maggie, (CLF, 0.7) earned a Junior Pass at SusRC
  • Barren Creeks Miss Maggie, (CLF, 0.7) earned a Junior Pass at SusRC


Smallest stake – 25 (AIRC)
Largest stake – 60 (PCHRC)

MH: 766 year to date; 6 this period
Ammo’s Arkansas Mudbug MH, (CLF, 3.8)
(FC Black Ice’s Carbon Copy Of Ammo Mud Bud “buddy” QA2-MH x Hillcountrys Aces Jaded Dream MH )
Double K’s Just One More Time Hannah MH, (BLF, 2), Bob Koch, Lyndall Koch
(Cin-d’s Storm Trooper MH-MNH5 x Double K’s Ruff Cut Black Diamond MH16 )
Lulu’s Cash Reward MH, (YLM, 3), Mitchell Ipock
(NAFC-FC Coolwater’s Hawkeye Legend SH x Merlyn’s Southern Belle ) 
Port Bay’s Dynamite-remi MH, (BLF, 2.8), Jeff Brown
(NAFC-FC Mulligan Off The Rainy “t” x Port Bay’s Tnt Dynamite-dyna MH ) 
Rainmaker’s Mischievous Chief MH, (BLM, 3.5), Bruce Miller
(FC-AFC Gunstock’s Topshelf Snap Decision x Port Bay’s Tnt Dynamite-dyna MH ) 
Rudy-n-raven’s Iii Deke Hoy MH, (BLM, 4.7), Mike Hoy
(Stonegate’s Rudy The Third MH x Aint Miss Behavin Raven ) 


Smallest stake – 9 (SMRC)
Largest stake – 25 (PCHRC)

SH: 813 year to date; 12 this period
Ariell Force Of Nature At Aureo SH, (GM, 3.9), Neida Heusinkvelt
(Kyon’s Sheamus O’shea x Ariell’s Fleur-de-lis ) 
Brittany Lakes Born Among Legends SH, (BLF, 3), Conner Riley
(AFC Coolwater’s Direct Hit x Lodi’s Sugar Coated Legend ) 
Cal-i-co Rockpoint Dances In Water For Chocolate SH, (CM, 2.8), Monty Brown
(CH Rockpoint Calico Dancing With Myself x CH Cal-i-co Like Water For Chocolate ) 
Cochise Code Black SH, (BLF, 3.3), Gary Jones, Dell Jones
(Le’ Grande’ Bos MH29 x Northern Plains Lil Miss Molly ) 
Dixie’s Kalli Lebleu SH, (BLF, 2.4), Bruce Pullen, Elaine Pullen
(Best Roux Got A Clue MH80-MNH6 x Miller’s Dixie Dos ) 
Hidden Springs Water Ballet SH, (YLF, 2.9), Paul Schenck
(Hidden Springs Is Water Water Everywhere SH x Bidwell’s Ballet SH ) 
Knight Skye In Kentucky SH, (BLF, 2.6), Jordan Camp
(Fields Of Fire Webbfooted Flashover MH16 x Misty Morning Maggie V MH) 
Riverbends Troublesome Midnight Marlee SH, (BLF, 2.5), Adam Clark
(Troublesome Highseas Makin House Calls MH x Ooltewahs Creekside Willow)
Schimpff’s Bailey SH, (BLM, 2), Ted Schimpff
(Cin-d’s Storm Trooper MH-MNH5 x Double K’s Ruff Cut Black Diamond MH16 )
Sir Maximus Blu Stone SH, (BLM, 1.4), Bobby Blevins
(Troublesome Whiskey Bent MH18 x Elizabeth Bella Rogers MH ) 
Stk Jet Black Thunder Rolls SH, (BLM, 3.2), Michael Slaten
(Bel Air S T K Chase x Stk Bearpoint Sky’s The Limit ) 
Yfarms Cash’s Candlewoods Cutie SH, (BLF, 7.7), Jennifer Young-hopkins
(FC Candlewood’s Man In Black x Warhawks Scream’n Banjie )


Smallest stake – 16 (SMRC)
Largest stake – 32 (SusRC)

JH: 1519 year to date; 31 this period
Black Jack Benjamin JH, (BLM, 1.7), Caleb Benjamin
(Deep Run Moondog QA2-MH x Castlerun’s Glory Days SH ) 
Bold Bays Third Times The Charm JH, (YLF, 0.8), Joe Matta
(Topend’s Heart’n Soul MH x Bold Bay’s Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Gal SH ) 
Dixie’s Kalli Lebleu SH, (BLF, 2.4), Bruce Pullen, Elaine Pullen
(Best Roux Got A Clue MH80-MNH6 x Miller’s Dixie Dos ) 
Dutch Hollow’s Simply Enlightened JH, (YLM, 1.1), Joy Poos
(GCH-CH Honorbright Dunn”s Marsh Song And Dance SH x GCH-CH Dutch Hollow’s Simply Charming SH ) 
Field Of Dreams Little Teal JH, (YLF, 1.9), Don Chubb
(AFC Drakes Bay’s Home Run Hitter QA2 x Field Of Dreams Will I Em ) 
Full Strap Jax JH, (BSM, 5.7), Nathan Boe
(Just Doug’s Ace x Jpw’s Reese )
Gold Star’s Don’t Sass Me JH, (CF, 1.8), Samuel Elmore
(Neosho River’s High Caliber Drake SH x Elmore Sammerdew’s Caroway Ladybug JH )
Hardin’s Journey To Redstorm JH, (YLM, 0.8), Tamra Hardin
(The Blast’s Red Path MH x Redstorm’s Run Granny’s Gotta Gun JH ) 
Heard’s Rowdy Rebel JH, (CLM, 1.2), Sandra Heard
Hickory Ridge Taylormade Double Play JH, (BLF, 1.2), Bruce Montesano
(FC-AFC Esprit’s Power Play x Hickory Ridge’s High Maintenance MH ) 
Hidden Springs Gurdy JH, (BLF, 1.3)
Hillcountrys Locked And Loaded JH, (CLF, 1.1), Mario Quezada
(Watermark’s Texas Roadtrip MH22 x Hillcountrys Aces Jaded Dream MH ) 
Jacob Of Three Rivers JH, (BLM, 1.4), Karen Susi, Rob Susi
(Wingshot’s Krush N Run MH13 x Pirate’s Ellie Of Churn Creek MH ) 
CH La Petite’s Espirit Henri JH, (YLM, 4.1)
Locked ‘n’ Loaded’s Hallie Bear JH, (YLF, 1.9), Joe Dalbey
(FC-AFC High Tech Ceo x Locked ‘n’ Loaded’s Double Shot MH )
Lord Calvert Of Wingford JH, (BLM, 3.2), Weston Jowett
(FTCH Lesser Burdock Abbotstone MH17 x Raider’s Risky Secret River Bottom Rooster SH ) 
Petersen’s Buck JH, (CLM, 1.3)
Prince Ted JH, (YLM, 1), Chance Hennig
(Copperbirch Paddy Of Leadburn x Phoenix Pearl)
Road Warriors Weeping Willow JH, (BLF, 3.5), Nathan Steenburgen
(Wing Magic’s Shot Of Liquid Courage MH x Rrk’s Road Warrior’s Magnificent Ride )
Roddydogs Georgia’s Ragin Thor JH, (BLM, 0.9), Clarice Whitfield
(Riptides Ragin Red Bullsprig MH16 x Roddydog Georgia Day ) 
Sage Shining Star JH, (BLF, 1.3), Anthony Sandretto
(Lincoln Creek’s Requesting A Flyby x Lincoln Creek’s Rollin’ In JH )
Sands’ Thirsty Farmhand JH, (YLM, 1.5), Robert Switzer, Cheryl Switzer
(NAFC-FC Paddle Creek’s Pack Your Grip x Ramblin Girl Flying First Class SH ) 
Sheeza Waterfowl Mouth Remington JH, (YLF, 1.5), William Mcginnis
(Washita’s Lone Ranger MH36 x Sagecreek’s Guns A Blazin’ JH ) 
Sissy’s Blazing Blue Hatchet JH, (BLM, 5.1), Nathan Steenburgen
(FC Rock River Benjamin x Jaybar Red Flag Warning ) 
Weller’s Black Cloud Power Surge JH, (BLM, 1.5), Robert Weller
(FC Blackwater’s Last Resort x Ar Kings Magical One MH )
Wetland Featherchaser Ruby JH, (YLF, 2), William Mcginnis
(Birddog’s Wetland Raider MH x NA) 
Y-farms Burning Ring Of Fire JH, (BLF, 3.1), Jennifer Young
(Jace Of Canebrake MH x Yfarms Cash’s Candlewoods Cutie SH ) 
Y-farms It’s New Every Morning JH, (CLF, 4.4), Jennifer Young
(Y-farms Lsu Mad Hatter SH x Yfarms Yellow Rose Of Texas ) 
Y-farms Louisiana’s Perfect Storm JH, (BLF, 1.5), Jonathan Neil
(Hurricane Ike Ii x Daisy Mae Jones Ii ) 
Y-farms The Dawn Of New Dreams JH, (BLF, 1.5), Jennifer Young-hopkins
(Mac & Vedge’s Fowl Attitude MH30-MNH x Y-farms Honey On The Move MH24-MNH ) 
Yukon River Bird Dog Kell JH, (YLM, 1.4), Amanda Gross
(King David’s Mighty Benaiah Ii x Kell’s Mary Alice’s Bird Dog ) 


QAA: 400 year to date; 15 this period
Badabing Badaboom, (BLF, 3.6), Jeff Turner, Phil Heye, Dvm, Denise Turner, Mary Heye
(FC-AFC Drakes Bay Parting Of The Sea x Yogo’s Hidden Treasure )

Bayou Teche Around The World, (BLM, 2.4), Jeff Schilz
(FC-AFC Bayou Teche Swing For The Fence x Farmer’s Been Convinced )

Bayou Teche Rucker, (BLM, 2.4), John Hoggatt
(FC Bayou Teche Clouseau x FC Bayou Teche Cassi )

Calicreek’s Bayou Lady, (BLF, 2.3), Debra Adams
(FC Sweetie’s Easy Rider x Candlewoods High Caliber Girl MH )

Crossfire’s Kentucky Straight, (BLF, 3.9), Bruce Ahlers, Dvm
(FC H And M’s Swamp Harley MH x Rough Creek’s Rock Of All Ages )

Don”t Bring Lulu, (YLF, 3.1), Rose Meyer
(FC-AFC Hardscrabbles Powder My Buns x Avery Teal Kb’s Dixieland Delight QA2-MH )

Duckdawg’s O’molly Ain’t Got No Quit MH, (BLF, 6.1), Abe Cabrera
(Mcmac Magic Eyes A’smilin MH19 x Duckdawg’s Ain’t Got No Quit )

Limestone’s Sidekick, (CM, 3.3), Deborah Davis, James Davis
(Lzy Mtn Piper’s 3-d Brown Bear MH15 x Dawnflights Sunset Sierra )

Maxximus Atlas, (BLM, 2.5), Charles Rieves, Kristin Rieves
(NFC-AFC Windycity’smightymouse JH x FC-AFC Wight’s Goddess Of Victory QA2-MH )

Rain’s Bases Loaded, Grand Slam, (BLM, 2.2), Brent Stille, Shane Olean
(FC-AFC Bayou Teche Eye On The Ball x Sdk’s Fire For Effect )

Rebel Ridge One Lump Or Two, (BLF, 2.5), Jeff Lyons, Madelyn Yelton
(FC-AFC Tucquan’s Ode To Sweetness JH x Twin Pine’s Black Coffee MH12 )

Rebellious Katherine The Great, (YLF, 2.5), Jay Harris
(FC-AFC Rebel With A Cause MH x Caprocks Charlie’s Angel )

Rollo Xiv, (BLM, 2.8), Kevin Harvey
(FC-AFC-FTCH-AFTCH Jazztime’s Frequent Flyer x Keeno’s Southern Belle )

Seaside’s Got That Itch Again, (BLF, 1.9), Kevin Cauley
(FC-AFC Jj Of Red Rock x Seaside’s Warrior Princess )

Viewmarks Pedal To The Metal, (BLM, 3.5), D. Boice, Susan Boice
(NAFC-FC Texas Troubador x NFC Trumarc’s Dot Come ) 


US National Open-Nov 09, 2019-111 Qualified/Entered 101
FC-AFC Lil Bit’s Tête De Cuvée, (YLF 7.7 yo), Camille Passalacqua, Victor Garcia
FC Louisiana Black Magic Spell, (BLM 5.5 yo), Brian Rolling
FC Road Tripp, (YLM 8.4 yo), Mark Medford
FC-AFC Trumarc’s Mavis, (BLF 7.7 yo), Judy Aycock, Sylvia Mcclure
FC Topsail’s Good Time Buddy, (CM 5.4 yo), Robin Orr
FC-AFC Al Capone’s Magic Patriot Son, (YLM 9.8 yo), Tom Rogers

US National Amateur-Jun 13, 2020-55 Qualified
AFC Lucyana’s Sweet Willie Be, (BLM 6.6 yo), John Parrott, Laura Parrott
FC-AFC Delpond’s Aunt Jemima, (BLF 8.6 yo), Mark Menzies
FC-AFC High Peak Rebel Ridge’s Outlaw, (BLF 11.1 yo), Justin Aimone, Samantha Thompson
FC-AFC Trumarc’s Mavis, (BLF 8.3 yo), Judy Aycock, Sylvia Mcclure
FC-AFC Akuk’s Upgrade, (YLM 8.9 yo), Tony Kuka, Trudie Kuka
FC-AFC Al Capone’s Magic Patriot Son, (YLM 10.4 yo), Tom Rogers
AFC Tanks For the Magic (BLF 8 yo), Joe Benage, Marilee Benage

US National MN-Sep 24, 2020-37 Qualified
Sunfire’s Long Hot Summer MH49-MNH, (GM 8.6 yo), Barbara Biewer, Mike Book


Top HT-Master Dogs ( 1762 dogs with HT-Master passes. HTYR=2020)
Sunfire’s Long Hot Summer MH49-MNH, GM, 7.7 yrs, 8 passes, Mike Book And Barbara Biewer
Sunfire Beretta Silver Hawk Of High Farms MH38-MNH, GM, 8 yrs, 8 passes, Bob & Virginia Worrest
High Times Hunters Mist Isabella MH62, GF, 6.6 yrs, 6 passes, Cathrine Darr
Sixty Days’ Jumpin’ Jax MH, BLM, 2.4 yrs, 6 passes, Matthew Huff
Roostin’ In The Fields Of Magicgold MH85, GF, 7.6 yrs, 6 passes, Cathrine Darr
Dnd Dances With Fire MH51, GF, 7.8 yrs, 6 passes, Donald & Dora Heffelfinger
Castile Creeks A Little Bit Of Magic MH20, BLF, 4.4 yrs, 6 passes, Jennifer Tucker
Lindsay’s Effa You Up To Bat MH18, BLF, 3.9 yrs, 6 passes, Curtiss Lindsay
Dynamic’s Fat Boy MH, BLM, 2.4 yrs, 6 passes, Gene Wenstrom
Wildfire Life Of Riley 16 MH12, GF, 3 yrs, 6 passes, Paul Deck
Romeo Takes Jolie MH38, BLF, 8.4 yrs, 6 passes, Robert Owens
Castile Creeks Tug Of War MH32-MNH, BLM, 6.5 yrs, 6 passes, Bernie & Dana Sykes
St. Jude’s Autumn Field Poppy MH35, GF, 7.9 yrs, 6 passes, Frank Mckane, Jr.
Seren And Bro’s Little Spark QA2-MH, GM, 5 yrs, 6 passes, Jean Ihnen, Dvm
O’s Delta Marsh Yellow Tail Sushi MH34-MNH20, YLF, 7.8 yrs, 6 passes, Dick Ofstedal
Bearpoint’s Duke Of Earl Of The Shire Eriador MH14, YLM, 2.4 yrs, 6 passes, Randy Reutzel
Julianna’s Ladybug MH12, YLF, 2.7 yrs, 6 passes, Joseph & Giovana Holand
Thistle Rocks Favorite Things MH12, GF, 4.7 yrs, 6 passes, Gordon Schlichting Ii And Marlene Dingmann
Swamp Run’s Don’t Take Your Love To Town MH, BLF, 2.5 yrs, 6 passes, Lori Shinnick And Jon Dayton
Blu-chip Audacious MH, YLM, 5.5 yrs, 6 passes, Judy Callahan
Thistle Rocks Max Q Elusive Confederate QA2-MH18, GM, 6.6 yrs, 6 passes, Tom & Lynn Lane
Martin’s Risky Stormin Trooper MH17, YLM, 6.2 yrs, 6 passes, Doug Martin
Garnetmine Dahlia Goddess Of Fate MH18, GF, 4.5 yrs, 6 passes, Robert & Robin Montesi
Syler-gilstrap’s Gauge MH14, YLM, 3.2 yrs, 6 passes, Lindsay Syler
Thunderstruck Platte Valley Deacon MH, GM, 1.7 yrs, 6 passes, Luke Mcconnell
Topbrass One More Trip To Birdland MH30, GM, 8.9 yrs, 6 passes, Gordon Schlichting Ii And Marlene Dingmann



Top Professional Handlers – HT-Master ( 242 handlers)
Ray Shanks (Swamp Run Retrievers), 98 passes
Lyle Steinman (Castile Creek Kennels), 76 passes
Lauren Springer (Dynamic Retrievers), 61 passes
Curtiss Lindsay (Lindsay’s Labs), 56 passes
Tyler Patterson (Maple Ridge Retrievers), 45 passes

Top Professional Handlers – HT-Senior ( 177 handlers)
Matt Emerson (Grand Prairie Retrievers), 25 passes
Benjamin Page (Lindsay’s Labs), 16 passes
Rick Mcconico (Old Oak Retrievers), 15 passes
Dan Kielty (Marks-a-lot Kennels), 15 passes
Mike Lettau (K & L Kennels), 15 passes
Chad Vidrine (Sugarland Retrievers), 14 passes
Chris Akin (Webb Footed Kennels), 14 passes
Greg Nelson (Kansas City Retrievers), 14 passes
Mike Vaughn (The Blast Wingshooting Kennels), 13 passes
Terry Price (Oakridge Kennels), 13 passes
Bobby Baldwin (Troy Creek Retrievers), 13 passes
Steve Raney (Raney Ranch Retrievers), 13 passes
Sean Hager (Muddy Bay Retrievers), 13 passes

Top Professional Handlers – HT-Junior ( 177 handlers)
Tammy Adsitt (Peak Performance Training), 32 passes
Bobby Baldwin (Troy Creek Retrievers), 28 passes
Greg Houser (Houser Quality Labs), 26 passes
Dan Heard (Downtown Retrievers), 22 passes
Jeff Chesnut (Washita Retrievers), 19 passes



Top AmateurHandlers – HT-Master ( 622 handlers)
Cathrine Darr, 21 passes
Greg Mills, 13 passes
Tom Mckenzie, 13 passes
Barbara Hawley, 13 passes
Gordon Schlichting Ii, 12 passes
Hilda Wood, 10 passes
Cary Alsobrook, 10 passes
Dora Heffelfinger, 10 passes
William Woll, 9 passes
Charles Pugh, 9 passes
Sallie Sullivan, 9 passes
Larry Blasbalg, 9 passes

Top AmateurHandlers – HT-Senior ( 440 handlers)
Ryan Middaugh, 17 passes
Christine Caringello, 6 passes
Chris Johnson, 6 passes
Blake Haithcoat, 6 passes
Teresa Russell, 6 passes
Lauren Rothenberger, 6 passes
Chip Kivett, Jr., 5 passes
Megan Meadows, 5 passes
Patricia Larkin, 5 passes
John Chaves Ii, 5 passes
Chad Baerwald, 5 passes
Linda Baxter, 5 passes
Lane Blanchett, 5 passes
Gail Kuklinski, 5 passes
Juli Bottjen, 5 passes
Judy Teskey, 4 passes
Jim Langa, 4 passes
Dennis Latulip, 4 passes
Elliott Golomb, 4 passes
Beverly Weaver, 4 passes
Patricia Berne, 4 passes
Sharon Albright, 4 passes
Clay Lewis, 4 passes
Bill Butikas, 4 passes
Neida Heusinkvelt, 4 passes
Bill Edwards, 4 passes
Elizabeth Howell, 4 passes
Bob Samios, 4 passes
Eileen Hanold, 4 passes
Ed Ryska, 4 passes
Brandon Napier, 4 passes
Ron Samuels, 4 passes
Justine Embach, 4 passes
Brittne Houchin, 4 passes
Roberta Hockenberry, 4 passes
Shannon Black, 4 passes
Gregory Gustafson, 4 passes
Gerald Derose, 4 passes
Linda Nichols, 4 passes
Cliff Hendrix, 4 passes
Micah Canapp, 4 passes
Todd Oskey, 4 passes
Glenn Foster, 4 passes
Wayne Sumner, 4 passes
James Newbill, 4 passes
Curt Kleiber, 4 passes
Jeffrey Henderson, 4 passes
Jeff Abplanalp, 4 passes
Myles Taylor, 4 passes
Gregg Mourges, 4 passes
Susie Gallagher, 4 passes
Thomas Martin, 4 passes
Mike Foley, 4 passes
Jennifer Henion, 4 passes

Top AmateurHandlers – HT-Junior ( 719 handlers)
Ryan Middaugh, 12 passes
Judy Merians, 9 passes
Kyle Smith, 8 passes
Kim Fletcher, 8 passes
Jeffery Allen, 7 passes
Justin Crippen, 7 passes
Patricia Swallows, 7 passes
Donna Reece, 7 passes
Sheila Holcomb, 7 passes
Sharmin Dominke, 6 passes
Tom Lane, 6 passes
Dianne Duerr, 6 passes
Aaron Fitzgerald, 6 passes
Brenda Griffith, 6 passes
Beth Sokohl, 6 passes
Tamra Hardin, 6 passes
Sean Isaac, 6 passes
Richie Fleck, 6 passes
Tara Perby, 6 passes
Peter Langworthy, 6 passes
Barbara Biewer, 6 passes
Kayden Preston, 6 passes
Mary Alice Mcgee, 6 passes


Top Professional Kennels – HT-Master ( 210 kennels)
Swamp Run Retrievers, 100 passes
Castile Creek Kennels, 76 passes
Dynamic Retrievers, 67 passes
Lindsay’s Labs, 56 passes
Taylor Farm Kennels, 54 passes

Top Professional Kennels – HT-Senior ( 154 kennels)
Grand Prairie Retrievers, 25 passes
Old Oak Retrievers, 18 passes
Lindsay’s Labs, 16 passes
K & L Kennels, 15 passes
Cedar Ridge Retrievers, 15 passes
Marks-a-lot Kennels, 15 passes
Kansas City Retrievers, 14 passes
Sugarland Retrievers, 14 passes
Webb Footed Kennels, 14 passes

Top Professional Kennels – HT-Junior ( 155 kennels)
Peak Performance Training, 32 passes
Troy Creek Retrievers, 28 passes
Houser Quality Labs, 26 passes
Downtown Retrievers, 22 passes
Washita Retrievers, 19 passes