Vol IX, Week 44 Nov 4, 2019


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The Dog Aging Project

Researchers are studying dogs — as many as 10,000 — for a study on aging.

Since dogs share our environments, the kinds of cancers they and humans get are very similar. Thus the National Institute of Aging decided to fund the project manned by teams from the University of Washington School of Medicine and the Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences. 

The study is still accepting applicants and you can learn more about it here


It’s time to make nominations for Youth Handler, Handler of the Year, and Humanitarian Award.

You can read about the requirements for these awards here.


From Nick Steen:
Sniper is now GCH Captain Thor’s One Shot One Kill QAA-MH. Next year we are going to try our luck in the All Age trials. He truly is a special animal and a big part of our family.  

Thank you to everyone who has helped us along the way.

  • He is the 6th Chesapeake to ever earn GCH, QAA, and MH titles.
  • The 4th one to do it by winning his first all breed Qualifying Stake at 27 months old.
  • He went 6 for 8 in Master at 2 years old.
  • At three and a half, Sniper is the youngest to ever to accomplish this.
  • My 8 year old daughter put a Junior Hunter title on him.
  • Sniper won the Chesdel Chippewa Chief Trophy for being the high point derby Chesapeake in the Eastern and Central time zones in 2018.
  • Sniper has also picked up birds for commercial hunts on the Chesapeake Bay, retrieving his first duck at 4 months old and first goose at 6 months old.
  • Sniper was trained, bred, and handled by me except for the confirmation show stuff.
  • Diane Ammerman did a awesome job with him in the ring and they became quiet a team. 
    GCH Captain Thor’s One Shot One Kill QAA-MH


Sire & Dam Pairs with Finishing Offspring

Topbrass Drake MH13 x Topbrass Dnd Susquehanna Dreamcatcher MH76 (Breeder: Donald Heffelfinger, Dora Heffelfinger)

  • Dnd Dances With Fire MH51, (GF, 7.8) earned a Master Pass at DBRC
  • Dnd Top Gun MH39, (GM, 7.8) earned a Master Pass at DBRC

Sunfire’s Undeniable MH x Sunfire’s Clorox Bright (Breeder: Barbara Biewer, Mike Book)

  • Sunfire’s Brandy Of Notch Hill MH18, (GF, 7.7) earned a Master Pass at DBRC
  • Sunfire’s Long Hot Summer MH49-MNH, (GM, 7.7) earned a Master Pass at DBRC

FC-AFC Gunstock’s Topshelf Snap Decision x Duckbuster’s Lucy Goosey MH (Breeder: Greg Van Eyk)

  • Contender’s Money Talks JH, (YLM, 1.1) earned 2 Junior Passes at ECHRC
  • Darla The Red Rascal JH, (YLF, 1.1) earned 2 Junior Passes at ECHRC

FC-AFC Tucked Away At River’s Edge x Blue Heaven Coming In Hot (Breeder: Dave Burton)

  • Full Boone At First Light, (BLM, 1.1) earned 2 Junior Passes at ECHRC
  • Cb’s Hotmix Blue Smoke, (BLF, 2.3) earned 2 Senior Passes at ECHRC

River Ridge’s Crazy Train MH13 x River Ridge’s Reap What You Sow MH (Breeder: Bill Mattes, Sharon Mattes)

  • Richards’ All Bets Are Off, (YLM, 1.1) earned 2 Junior Passes at ECHRC
  • River Ridges “catch Me If You Can” Buxton Star, (YLM, 1.1) earned 2 Junior Passes at ECHRC

Crispin’s This Is It Finis MH21-MNH x Little Portage Rivers Sweet Sugar MH23 (Breeder: Chris Akin, Trey Hare)

  • Cg’s Enjoying The Journey, (YLF, 2.5) earned a Master Pass at ECHRC
  • Miss Lily’s Eyes On The Prize, (BLF, 2.5) earned a Master Pass at ECHRC

CH Beau Geste Being Ramiroz MH x Topmast Take The High Road MH (Breeder: Pamela Martin, Patricia Swallows)

  • Audeo’s Off Road Adventure SH, (GM, 5.1) earned 2 Senior Passes at ECHRC
  • Audeo Topmast Road To Ritzy SH, (GF, 5.1) earned a Master Pass at GWFRC

Medicine Beau Luke Of Black Forest MH63 x Bo’s Honey 2 Bee MH (Breeder: John Stroud)

  • Medicine Beau’s Honey Hoss, (YLM, 1.4) earned a Senior Pass at ECHRC
  • Tlc’s Good Golly Miss Molly, (YLF, 1.4) earned a Senior Pass at ECHRC

Amber Run Gunfire x Amber Run Dutchman’s Prim (Breeder: Marge Samuels)

  • Amber Run Forged In Fire, (YLM, 1.6) earned a Senior Pass at ECHRC
  • Amber Run Passion For Ducks, (YLF, 1.6) earned a Senior Pass at ECHRC

Gunstock’s Jaeger MH x Raney’s Tanner Has A Rebel Yell JH (Breeder: Carrie Raney, Steve Raney)

  • Raney’s Tawny Gunstock Rebel, (YLF, 1) earned 2 Junior Passes at GWFRC
  • Raney’s Whiskey Revolver, (YLM, 1) earned a Junior Pass at GWFRC

Sureshot’s Rio De Dinero MH50-MNH5 x Froghollow’s Cumoran Rebel MH53-MNH7 (Breeder: Carrie Raney, Steve Raney, Kimberly Brinkman)

  • Indy Ann’s Raney Day Feelin’ MH24, (BLF, 6.5) earned a Master Pass at GWFRC
  • Sentee’s Hope Springs Eternal MH18, (BLF, 6.5) earned a Master Pass at GWFRC

AFC Suncrest Winter Rye QA2 x Raney’s Super Sarah Del Rio MH18 (Breeder: Carrie Raney, Steve Raney)

  • Raney’s De Rio Winter Ryah SH, (YLF, 4.5) earned a Master Pass at GWFRC
  • Raney’s Nino Del Rio SH, (BLM, 3.4) earned a Senior Pass at GWFRC

FC-AFC Tru’s Little Cruiser x Raney’s De Rio Winter Ryah SH (Breeder: Carrie Raney, Steve Raney)

  • About The Pond’s Midnight Dreamer JH, (BLF, 1.9) earned 2 Senior Passes at GWFRC
  • Bernstein’s Fully Charged Tesla JH, (YLF, 1.9) earned 2 Senior Passes at GWFRC

Just Ducky Do Right MH x Lucile’s Tilden Hilton JH (Breeder: Michael Compton)

  • Bartley’s Midnight Sheriff Walt, (BLM, 1.3) earned 2 Junior Passes at DFWLRC
  • Deets LD Ranger, (BLM, 1.3) earned 2 Junior Passes at DFWLRC

AFC Red Dog’s Anything GOes x 3-D’s All ‘Round Ruby SH (Breeder: Gabe Withrow, Matt Backus)

  • Kbar’s Beaver River Raising Kane JH, (CM, 1) earned a Junior Pass at DFWLRC
  • Marks a Lot One Too Many (CF, 1 earned a Junior Pass at DFWLRC

Drake’s Rolling Thunder QA2-MH45-MNH4 x Drake’s Cabella Rose SH (Justin & Jennifer Drake)

  • Drake’s Rolling Comanche Fire MH14 (YLM, 6.5) earned a Master Pass at DFWLRC
  • Drake’s Thundering Rebel Rose MH (YLF, 6.5) earned a Master Pass at DFWLRC


Smallest stake – 34 (DBRC)
Largest stake – 57 (GWFRC)

MH: 770 year to date; 4 this period
Emeline’s Hook, Line And Sinker MH, (GF, 4.6), Kathleen Salemi
(Emberain Better Believe It MH x Emeline’s Jewel Of The Nile MH ) 
Los Alamos Tules MH, (BLF, 4.2), Madeleine Jex
(Tule River Shorty x Tp God Knows ) 
Magicgold Ruff Times MH, (GF, 4), Bruce Hayes
(Sportin’ Nitty Gritty MH x Magicgold’s Rock A Doodle Doo MH21 ) 
Salkehatchie Swamp Monster MH, (BLM, 4.2), Matthew Stewart
(High Ground J. R. C. Three Amigos MH12 x Cunningham’s One Hot Momma JH )


Smitty’s Katie owned by Greg & Wendy Smith and handled by Wendy earned a pass at PARC.

Smallest stake – 13 (DBRC)
Largest stake – 24 (ECHRC)

SH: 826 year to date; 13 this period
Audeo’s Off Road Adventure SH, (GM, 5.1), Sharon Albright
(CH Beau Geste Being Ramiroz MH x Topmast Take The High Road MH ) 
Brantley’s Chocfulla Jade SH, (CLF, 1.4), Brantley Lawrence
(AFC Brink’s Buster Brown QA2 x Ten Bears Reese Puff MH ) 
Captain Thor’s Beast From The East SH, (CM, 2.9), Micah Canapp
(Shallcross Lake’s Little Rascal MH x Captain Thor’s Hillbilli Hot Sauce MH ) 
CH Coastalight Free Spirit SH, (FCM, 3.5), Judy Teskey, Wendy Tisdall
(Wingmaster Mountain Man JH x CH Coastalight Lotto Max SH )
Farpoint’s Firefly SH, (BLF, 2.3), Darrin Morman
(NFC-AFC Windycity’smightymouse JH x Grady’s Southern Dream Girl Mardi Gras MH22 ) 
Gundogsretrievers Jumpin Jax Flash SH, (BLM, 2.2), John Chaves Ii
(Harlow’s Lightning Buckshot MH32 x Starlights Penny Lane MH ) 
Hope Lock The Devil’s Cut SH, (BLM, 4.2), Missy Lemoi
(Hl Technically He’s Royal MH41-MNH x Sweet Mallet B. )
Kbar’s Turn the Paige SH, (CF, 2.1), Kirk & Lauren Kavanaugh
(Holcombe’s Midnight Crowing Rooster MH x Kbar’s Neosho River Gypsy Rose SH)
Lugo’s Sweet and Sassy Magpie SH (YLF, 1.6), Jennifer Lugo, Louis Lugo
(Elliott’s Bourbon Whiskey MH x Mike’s Glory Girl MH13)
Marks A Lot Straight Up and Dirty SH, (CM, 4), James McGhin
(CH Shallcross Lake’s Chaamp MH33 x GCH-CH Bowie’s Brown Twister SH)
McElduff’s Allie SH (BLF, 1.9), Shea McElduff
(Close-Hauled to Brackenbird MH x R.R. Oakwood’s Stella’s Journey)
Pelican Point’s Hallie SH, (YLF, 3.2),
(NAFC-FC Paddle Creek’s Pacy Your Grip x Pelican Point’s Greta JH)
Springhouse Farm Suki’s Rose SH, (LF, 4.4), Barbara Lindtner
(FC-AFC Rebel Ridge Cosmic Rise ‘n Fall MH x Suki Of Pond View SH ) 


Smallest stake – 17 (DBRC)
Largest stake – 35 (GWFRC)

JH: 15522 year to date; 33 this period
Aquarius Black Brianta JH, (FCM, 2.6), Judy Gladson, Tracey Fudge
(Delphiniums Voulez Vous x I’m So Cute Black Brianta ) 
Armbrook’s Tiger Lily JH, (YLF, 1.5), Jeff Benson
(CH Duckback Armbrook’s Indigo MH54 x Diamond’s Just Chillin JH ) 
Belquest Riverdance JH, (YLF, 1.1), Maureen Dyer
(Belquest Conclusion No Limit Poker x Belquest Conclusion’s Ruby Red Slippers ) 
Blackfoot’s Working Man’s Champagne JH, (YLF, 4.3), Rachel Truitt
(FC-AFC Gunstock’s Topshelf Snap Decision x Ramblin Man’s Blonde Bombshell ) 
Callback’s Piper JH, (YLF, 1.2), Keestan Cole
Canedoro’s Upsetting The Apple Cart JH, (GM, 2.1), Sally Hall
(Harmony’s Take Five x Harmony Canedoro Ornjagladtcme JH ) 
Chesapeake’s Charcoal Chantilly JH, (BLF, 0.8), Maurice Lins
(Double K’s Low Country Mojo MH30 x NA) 
Contender’s Money Talks JH, (YLM, 1.1), Robbie Aboulhosn
(FC-AFC Gunstock’s Topshelf Snap Decision x Duckbuster’s Lucy Goosey MH) 
Darla The Red Rascal JH, (YLF, 1.1), Andrew Davis
(FC-AFC Gunstock’s Topshelf Snap Decision x Duckbuster’s Lucy Goosey MH) 
Deacon Denzel Carter JH, (BLM, 1.1) Michael Carter
(Ole Mighty Dollar Bill MH18 x Honey’s Blackwater Baye Eyes)
Fast-trak’s A Trek Like No Other JH, (GF, 2.7), Mardi Mcguire-closson
(FTCH-AFTCH Heads Up Tracks In The Taiga QA2-QFTR-JFTR-M x Watermark’s Fast-trak ’nuff Already JH )
Finn’s Legacy Lucy JH, (YLF, 0.9), Ryan Buckley
Flowers’ Huck II JH, (YLM, 1), Matthew Flowers
(Anderson’s Cow Bayou Duke MH x Ashdown of Rockstar Dumas SH)
Harmony Mtn Phoenix To Pacific Beach JH, (PF, 4.8), Connie Kaplan
(Harmony Mt Acer Vom Pawpaw JH x Mithril-harmony Mtn Misty Hop SH ) 
Honey Girl Harris JH, (BLF, 0.9), Josh Harris
Ironweed Jazz After The Rain JH, (BLM, 2.8), Molly Mcevoy
(Ironweed’s Eye Of The Storm MH x Ironweed Jumpin Jitter Bug SH ) 
Kbar’s Beaver River Raising Kane JH, (CM, 1), Kirk Kavanaugh, Laura Kavanaugh
(AFC Red Dog’s Anything Goes x 3-D’s All ‘Round Ruby SH)
Kenya See Eagertrieves Cabo JH, (CLM, 1.7), Matthew Kurtz, Deborah Kurtz
(Eagertrieves Magic Mike x St.john Mossy Oak For Kenya ) 
Moser V JH, (CLM, 2), Joel Brookshire
My Rocks Borrowed Time at Yellowtale JH, (BLF, 3.6), Lois Durkin, Patrick Durkin
(FC-AFC Bayou Teche Eye on the Ball x My Rock’s Hallelujah to the Lord MH)
Quick Fire Beretta JH, (BLF, 1.4), Stacy Potter
(CH Acedo’s Tucker MH26 x Quick Fire Kimber ) 
Rankin Brook’s Jacketed Peacemaker JH, (CM, 1), Brian Corcoran
CH Ravenswood Dancin in the Wind JH, (FCF, 5.5), Frances Powrie, Graeme Powrie
(GCH-CH Flatford Ruffles and Flourishes MH14 x CH Ravenswood’s Amazing Grace JH)
Rbr One Hot Redhead JH, (YLF, 1), Shannon Rose
(Red Sun Rising SH x NA)
Rio Woodecoy Bring The Rain JH, (GF, 2.9), Danette Weich, Dvm, Bradley Weich
(Woodecoy Carpe Diem SH x Rio’s Kern River Brewn Trouble JH ) 
Rio’s Woodecoy Brewn Mischief JH, (GF, 2.3), Barbara Loree, Danette Weich, Dvm
(Vesterlyng’s Token Of Clyde x Rio’s Kern River Brewn Trouble JH ) 
Silversmith Solar Flare JH, (WF, 1.5), Jean Villa
(Pike’s Peak Silversmith Summit x Silversmith Europa Von Luchbach)
Speedy Slick JH, (BLM, 0.9), Amir Aldrich
Ssr’s Son Of A Preacher Man JH, (BLM, 2.8), James Hickman
(Price Farm’s Preaching To The Choir QA2-MH x Road Warrior’s Big Chill SH) 
Starlights Lil Running Riot JH, (BLF, 0.9), Aimee Knight, Josh Knight
(Starlights Lil Bear MH54 x Alabamas True Romance MH ) 
Sunfire Stormwynd Cosmic Pressure JH, (GM, 6), Barbara Heesemann
(Dal-rhe’s Sunfire Titanium x Sunfire’s Desert Towhee ) 
Tuckahoe River Willow JH, (YLF, 1.5), Stacey Tribbett
(Aks’s “gunner” Kasey Engrassia Jr MH x Aks’s Dazey Mae’s Sweet Addiction SH ) 
Weebe I Need A Favour JH, (GF, 2.9), Jo Ann Caperna-ford
(Weebe Cook’in Up A Storm SH x In-transit MH41-MNH ) 


US National MA-Jun 07, 2020-229 Qualified
Alabamas True Romance MH, (BLF 5.2 yo), Bob Dutton, Kara Dutton
Magicgold’s Red Sky At Morning MH, (GF 6.2 yo), Catherine Colley
Magicgold Ruff Times MH, (GF 4.6 yo), Bruce Hayes
CH Coastalight Lotto Max SH, (FCRF 7.3 yo), Judy Teskey, Wendy Tisdall
Raney’s Mason Of Sir Woodrow MH12, (CLM 5.2 yo), Derick Boyd

US National MN-Sep 24, 2020-38 Qualified
Dnd Dances With Fire MH51, (GF 8.7 yo), Donald Heffelfinger, Dora Heffelfinger


Top HT-Master Dogs ( 1897 dogs with HT-Master passes. HTYR=2020)
Sunfire’s Long Hot Summer MH49-MNH, GM, 7.7 yrs, 8 passes, Mike Book And Barbara Biewer
Sunfire Beretta Silver Hawk Of High Farms MH38-MNH, GM, 8 yrs, 8 passes, Bob & Virginia Worrest
High Times Hunters Mist Isabella MH62, GF, 6.6 yrs, 6 passes, Cathrine Darr
Sixty Days’ Jumpin’ Jax MH, BLM, 2.4 yrs, 6 passes, Matthew Huff
Roostin’ In The Fields Of Magicgold MH85, GF, 7.6 yrs, 6 passes, Cathrine Darr
Dnd Dances With Fire MH51, GF, 7.8 yrs, 6 passes, Donald & Dora Heffelfinger
Castile Creeks A Little Bit Of Magic MH20, BLF, 4.4 yrs, 6 passes, Jennifer Tucker
Lindsay’s Effa You Up To Bat MH18, BLF, 3.9 yrs, 6 passes, Curtiss Lindsay
Dynamic’s Fat Boy MH, BLM, 2.4 yrs, 6 passes, Gene Wenstrom
Wildfire Life Of Riley 16 MH12, GF, 3 yrs, 6 passes, Paul Deck
Romeo Takes Jolie MH38, BLF, 8.4 yrs, 6 passes, Robert Owens
Castile Creeks Tug Of War MH32-MNH, BLM, 6.5 yrs, 6 passes, Bernie & Dana Sykes
St. Jude’s Autumn Field Poppy MH35, GF, 7.9 yrs, 6 passes, Frank Mckane, Jr.
Seren And Bro’s Little Spark QA2-MH, GM, 5 yrs, 6 passes, Jean Ihnen, Dvm
O’s Delta Marsh Yellow Tail Sushi MH34-MNH20, YLF, 7.8 yrs, 6 passes, Dick Ofstedal
Bearpoint’s Duke Of Earl Of The Shire Eriador MH14, YLM, 2.4 yrs, 6 passes, Randy Reutzel
Julianna’s Ladybug MH12, YLF, 2.7 yrs, 6 passes, Joseph & Giovana Holand
Thistle Rocks Favorite Things MH12, GF, 4.7 yrs, 6 passes, Gordon Schlichting Ii And Marlene Dingmann
Swamp Run’s Don’t Take Your Love To Town MH, BLF, 2.5 yrs, 6 passes, Lori Shinnick And Jon Dayton
Blu-chip Audacious MH, YLM, 5.5 yrs, 6 passes, Judy Callahan
Thistle Rocks Max Q Elusive Confederate QA2-MH18, GM, 6.6 yrs, 6 passes, Tom & Lynn Lane
Martin’s Risky Stormin Trooper MH17, YLM, 6.2 yrs, 6 passes, Doug Martin
Garnetmine Dahlia Goddess Of Fate MH18, GF, 4.5 yrs, 6 passes, Robert & Robin Montesi
Syler-gilstrap’s Gauge MH14, YLM, 3.2 yrs, 6 passes, Lindsay Syler
Thunderstruck Platte Valley Deacon MH, GM, 1.7 yrs, 6 passes, Luke Mcconnell
Topbrass One More Trip To Birdland MH30, GM, 8.9 yrs, 6 passes, Gordon Schlichting Ii And Marlene Dingmann
Black Majick’s Bringing Sexy Back MH23, BLF, 5.3 yrs, 6 passes, Tom & Tricia McKenzie


Top Professional Handlers – HT-Master ( 255 handlers)
Ray Shanks (Swamp Run Retrievers), 98 passes
Lyle Steinman (Castile Creek Kennels), 76 passes
Tyler Patterson (Maple Ridge Retrievers), 63 passes
Lauren Springer (Dynamic Retrievers), 61 passes
Curtiss Lindsay (Lindsay’s Labs), 56 passes

Top Professional Handlers – HT-Senior ( 192 handlers)
Matt Emerson (Grand Prairie Retrievers), 25 passes
Steve Raney (Raney Ranch Retrievers), 20 passes
Terry Price (Oakridge Kennels), 20 passes
Jody Anderson (Duck Dog Kennels), 19 passes
Benjamin Page (Lindsay’s Labs), 16 passes
Lee Howard (MOssy Pond Retrievers), 15 passes
Rick Mcconico (Old Oak Retrievers), 15 passes
Dan Kielty (Marks-a-lot Kennels), 15 passes
Mike Lettau (K & L Kennels), 15 passes

Top Professional Handlers – HT-Junior ( 191 handlers)
Trey Holladay (Best Retrievers), 46 passes
Tammy Adsitt (Peak Performance Training), 32 passes
Bobby Baldwin (Troy Creek Retrievers), 28 passes
Greg Houser (Houser Quality Labs), 26 passes
Dan Heard (Downtown Retrievers), 22 passes


Top AmateurHandlers – HT-Master ( 665 handlers)
Cathrine Darr, 21 passes
Tom Mckenzie, 16 passes
Charles Pugh, 14 passes
Hilda Wood, 14 passes
Greg Mills, 13 passes
Barbara Hawley, 13 passes
Sallie Sullivan, 12 passes
Gordon Schlichting Ii, 12 passes

Top AmateurHandlers – HT-Senior ( 471 handlers)
Ryan Middaugh, 17 passes
Angie Elliott, 8 passes
Blake Haithcoat, 6 passes
Lauren Rothenberger, 6 passes
Teresa Russell, 6 passes
Christine Caringello, 6 passes
Elliott Golomb, 6 passes
Judy Teskey, 6 passes
Bill Edwards, 6 passes
Chris Johnson, 6 passes
George Marthinuss, Jr. 6 passes
Chip Kivett, Jr., 5 passes
Megan Meadows, 5 passes
Linda Baxter, 5 passes
Lane Blanchett, 5 passes
Patricia Larkin, 5 passes
Juli Bottjen, 5 passes
Chad Baerwald, 5 passes
Jeffrey Henderson, 5 passes
Gail Kuklinski, 5 passes
Ellison Armfield, 5 passes
John Chaves Ii, 5 passes
Roberta Hockenberry, 4 passes
Patricia Berne, 4 passes
Ron Samuels, 4 passes
Bob Samios, 4 passes
Brandon Napier, 4 passes
Brittne Houchin, 4 passes
Linda Nichols, 4 passes
Bill Butikas, 4 passes
Beverly Weaver, 4 passes
Shannon Black, 4 passes
Myles Taylor, 4 passes
Neida Heusinkvelt, 4 passes
Jim Langa, 4 passes
Glenn Foster, 4 passes
Gregg Mourges, 4 passes
Gregory Gustafson, 4 passes
James Newbill, 4 passes
Jeff Abplanalp, 4 passes
Jennifer Henion, 4 passes
Elizabeth Howell, 4 passes
Cliff Hendrix, 4 passes
Ed Ryska, 4 passes
Mike Foley, 4 passes
Dennis Latulip, 4 passes
Justine Embach, 4 passes
Curt Kleiber, 4 passes
Clay Lewis, 4 passes
Gerald Derose, 4 passes
Sharon Albright, 4 passes
Micah Canapp, 4 passes
Eileen Hanold, 4 passes
Thomas Martin, 4 passes
Todd Oskey, 4 passes
Susie Gallagher, 4 passes
Glenn Foster, 4 passes
Wayne Sumner, 4 passes
Wendy Smith, 4 passes

Top AmateurHandlers – HT-Junior ( 760 handlers)
Ryan Middaugh, 12 passes
Tamra Hardin, 10 passes
Judy Merians, 9 passes
Kyle Smith, 8 passes
Landin Haddock, 8 passes
Kim Fletcher, 8 passes
Patricia Swallows, 7 passes
Jeffery Allen, 7 passes
Sheila Holcomb, 7 passes
Donna Reece, 7 passes
Justin Crippen, 7 passes


Top Professional Kennels – HT-Master ( 220 kennels)
Swamp Run Retrievers, 100 passes
Castile Creek Kennels, 76 passes
Dynamic Retrievers, 67 passes
Maple RIdge Retrievers, 63 passes
Lindsay’s Labs, 56 passes

Top Professional Kennels – HT-Senior ( 165 kennels)
Grand Prairie Retrievers, 25 passes
Raney Ranch Retrieers, 20 passes
Oakridge Kennels, 20 passes
Duck Dog Kennels, 19 passes
Old Oak Retrievers, 18 passes
Lindsay’s Labs, 16 passes

Top Professional Kennels – HT-Junior ( 165 kennels)
Best Retrievers, 47 passes
Peak Performance Training, 32 passes
Troy Creek Retrievers, 28 passes
Houser Quality Labs, 26 passes
Downtown Retrievers, 22 passes