Vol. XII, Week 40 Oct 10, 2022


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The Sky is Blue and PEtting Dogs Reduces Stress

From the NAIA Weekly Roundup

You probably don't need to be told this, but petting a dog can light you up inside. well, the inside of your brain, that is. A recently published study demonstrated that cuddling a dog lights up your prefrontal cortex, the area that helpsl manage your emotional responses. While these findings may seem like common sense, the new data is valuable, and could aid in our understanding and treatment of stress, anxiety, and depression -- especially in the area of animal assisted clinical therapy.

Interestingly, the positive effects persisted after subjects stopped petting their dog, and increased upon meeting the same dog later, which may indicate a bond, or at least positive familiarity. A stuffed animal was also used, but as you may have predicted, its effects were smaller (though still measurable), and did not incrase over time as with the dog. Now how's a good boy?

You can read more here.

New LRC Board Members

The Labrador Retriever Club recently held elections for new members of the Board. Congratulations to the following people:

  • Linda Berkeley-Weiss (New York)
  • Marion Daniel (Georgia)
  • Anthony Emilio (Connecticut)
  • Karen Helmers (Indiana)
  • Grayson Kelley (North Carolina)
  • Marilyn Little (Arizona)
  • Tom O’Hearn (Georgia)

To join the LRC, find someone who is a member and obtain an application form. 

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