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“Whereas a dog can break a tooth in a millisecond, dental disease takes a very long time to develop,” Dr. Attas says. “If we’re brushing right from the beginning, their teeth are less likely to develop decay. It will happen more slowly and be a less serious case.” Getting your dog comfortable with tooth brushing takes time and patience. Here are some steps to make brushing your dog’s teeth a positive experience:

  1. Start by touching the outside of your dog’s mouth. Praise and reward them with a treat.
  2. Lift the top lip and hold it while you touch the dog’s top teeth and gums without a toothbrush. Then, do the same for the bottom lip, teeth, and gums. Reward them with praise and a treat.
  3. Choose a toothbrush designed for dogs that fits over your index finger, so you can feel how much pressure you’re applying. Touch the brush to your dog’s teeth (front, side, and back) on the bottom and top of their mouths. Make sure they’re comfortable with this step before introducing toothpaste.
  4. Apply a small amount of dog toothpaste on your finger and let your dog sniff and taste it.
  5. Try brushing their top teeth with toothpaste while holding up the upper lip. Praise and reward.
  6. Repeat Step 5, going further back into your pet’s mouth (to the side and the back on the top of the mouth).
  7. Repeat Steps 5 and 6 with the bottom teeth.

Week 23

This week’s newsletter includes results from:

Manitoba Gun Dog Association (MGDA-C) - see full results
Ottawa Retriever Club (ORC-C) - see full results
Wild Rose Retriever Club (WRFC-C) - see full results

Open Winners

Smallest Stake - 16-ORC-C
Largest Stake - 19-ORC-C

FTCH-AFTCH Bulrush Budlite Of Nighthaven QFTR-JFTR (GM, 9 yo), owned by Ron Bischke, Morganne Byers and handled by Ron Bischke; they took 1st at WRFC-C ***
FTCH-AFTCH I've Seen The Light, Mom Of Kaotic QFTR (BLF, 5.2 yo), owned by Ann Steer, Wes Lee and handled by Ann Steer; they took 1st at ORC-C
AFC-FTCH-AFTCH Quackaddict Voo Doo Child QFTR (BLF, 10.3 yo), owned and handled by Connie Swanson; they took 1st at ORC-C
FTCH Razor's Nx Generation QFTR-JFTR (LF, 5.4 yo), owned and handled by Scott K. Anderson; they took 1st at MGDA-C ***
Trentvalley Mud Slinger QFTR (LM, 6 yo), owned by Kelly Gregoryk and handled by Chuck Dygos (Hywater Kennels); they took 1st at MGDA-C
FTCH-AFTCH Wingbusters Alabama Slamma QFTR-JFTR (BLM, 10.7 yo), owned by Margaret Murray, Tom Murray and handled by Margaret Murray; they took 1st at WRFC-C

Note: *** indicates dog titled at this event
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