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When the topic of biofilm comes up, it's usually in the context of reminders to thoroughly scrub dog bowls to remove the slime that can accumulate. In this case the Topikos Biofilm Research Institute (TBRI) has researched the effectiveness of using an antibiofilm to combat gum disease in dogs.

You can read more here.


Treating Osteoarthritis

Most of us already have it and if your dogs don't have it yet, they probably will at some point. The key is management both before and after clinical signs appear. 

Veterinary Practice News reports that "along with NSAID therapy, experts unanimously support a three-pronged, nonpharmaceutical core approach to therapy," specifically:

Weight optimization

Exercise that is appropriate

Feeding an EPA-rich supplement or diet (minimum of 100 mg/kg DHA/EPA)

The article also goes on to note that the beneficial effect of other nutritional joint supplements (think cannabinoids, gabapentin) did not receive similar unanimous support as secondary treatment options.

The bottom line is early and ongoing intervention.

You can read more here.

AKC/CHF New Focus on Athletic and Working Dogs

The American Kennel Club and CHF have announced a new collaboration to increase the number of specialists trained to meet the unique needs of athletic and working dogs, as well as all dogs in need of rehabilitation. Learn more and support this program here.

12ga vs 20ga

Field & Stream has a good article on the pros and cons. You can read more here.

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