Vol. XIV, Week 9 Mar 4, 2024


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Can You Hear Me Now?

What type of whistle do you use? How high is its frequency? And how loudly do you blow it?

An article on the AKC website reports that dogs can hear "sounds as high as 47,000 to 65,000 Hz" compared to the average adult who cannot hear sounds above 20,000 Hz. The intensity of the sound also matters. "When sounds are between 3,000-12,000 Hz in frequency dogs can hear sounds when they're between -5 dB and -15 dB>

You can read more here.

Rapid Cancer-Detection Test

Researchers at the College of Engineering, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, and the Virginia–Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine have developed a new, noninvasive, rapid cancer test that uses a dog's urine, Phys.org reported.

You can read more here.

Week 09

This week’s newsletter includes results from:

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Bryan-college Station Retriever Club (BCSRC) - see full results
Professional Retriever Trainers Association (PRTA) - see full results
Sacramento Valley Retriever Club (SacVRC) - see full results
San Diego Retriever & Field Trial Club (SDRFTC) - see full results
Snowbird Retriever Club Of South Georgia (SRCOSG) - see full results
Southwest Georgia Retriever Club (SGRC) - see full results
Tar Heel Retriever Club (TarHRC) - see full results
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