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Clipper is a dark red 62# male, 22 ” tall at the withers, close-coupled, and well-muscled. He has a strong work ethic, and a very sweet disposition. He is a team player in training and in field events, always trying to work with his handler. He is very water oriented, and more inclined to stay in the water while retrieving than to beach early. He has that on/off switch that makes him go all out while retrieving but be a nice dog to be around when he isn’t working. He also gets along well with other dogs.
He has excelled in the hunt test game, passing his first Master test before his 2nd birthday, and achieving his MH title 3 months before his 3rd birthday. He earned his 50th Master pass at age 5 and became a member of GRCA’s Hunt Test Hall of Fame with that pass. He currently has 53 Master passes. He has also run in HRC tests, earning his HRCH title along the way to his MH20. He has qualified for the 2020 Master National as well as the 2021, 2022, and 2023 Master Nationals. He has also qualified for the 2020 Master Amateur Invitational, as well as the 2021, 2022, 2023 and 2024 Master Amateur Invitationals. Clipper ran and passed the 2022 Master National in Roseburg, Oregon, and also passed the 2023 Master Amateur Invitational in Giddings, Texas.
Clipper can handle the big setups as well, earning a RCM (Reserve Certificate of Merit) in his first derby in Canada, as well as a JAM in a derby in Wisconsin. He is not intimidated by long marks or blinds.
Clipper has proven to be a capable hunter, going to Saskatchewan on his first birthday for waterfowl hunting. He wound up having to do all the retrieving for four hunters on that trip, retrieving 139 ducks and large geese (13-14 lbs.) over the course of four days. He also has proven to be an excellent upland hunter on several pheasant hunting trips, showing great ability to find and track pheasants.
Clipper is 100% amateur trained and handled.

Teal is 21.5” tall and 53 pounds of dark golden fun. Her coat is tight and keeps easy. She has and continues to prove herself in the house, at hunt tests, and most importantly on actual hunts. She has a HRCH title and is a Master Hunter and qualified for the 2022 Master National. Her athleticism is evident regardless of her activity. She is a joy to work with and never wants the hunt to end. She is a reliable marker and loves the water. She has picked up doves, ducks, and geese across the country as she is a willing enabler to my addiction that is chasing birds. She has enough drive to break ice in North Dakota or muscle through chest high pluff mud in South Carolina for a retrieve, and an amazing off switch that she shows off daily as my 3-year-old twins put her through endless indignities like being dressed up or having daily pretend vet checks. She routinely accompanies me to work at the vet clinic where she is an honorary receptionist. She gets along with other animals of all species and has never met a stranger.

I expect this pairing of Clipper x Teal to produce intelligent, athletic, and biddable dogs that should be capable of playing any game or chasing any quarry their future owners are interested in.

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