March 31, 2018

Dear Retriever Results Supporter,

For the past six years we have been delighted to work with the community to create and build Retriever Results. Your comments and suggestions have made Retriever Results newsletters, special reports, website and Facebook pages the “go-to” source of news, results and statistics for Field Trials in the US and Canada and Hunting Tests in the US. Your support has encouraged us to spend many late nights and weekends making Retriever Results the service it is today and inspired us to take it even further.

Service Enhancements
This winter we worked on some enhancements designed to make these services even better.
My Dogs – a new feature
My Dogs lets you create a list of of up 25 dogs (out of the 70,000 we track) and see a summary of their results all in one place. You can put all your dogs on the list or create your very own “dream team.”
Special Services for Pros, Clubs, Breeders and more
You’ve told us how tedious it is to track the results for your dogs. Breeders, pro trainers, clubs and individuals can now integrate Retriever Results information into their own website or link to a specific Retriever Results page from Facebook. See an example here or ask us to show you how easy it is.
Clean up of People Names
We take extraordinary care to ensure that dog information is correct and easy to find (you can search by name, not just AKC number!).We have now extended that care to cleaning up the people names in our database — all 40,000 of them. (The community has been quick to point out any errors and we’ve been quick to respond. Please let us know if we’ve missed something.)

Looking Ahead
As part of this investment in new and improved features, content volume and superior quality, our costs (hosting, software licenses, etc.) now exceed our ability to fund the service ourselves. Thus we’re asking for your support to ensure Retriever Results continues to grow and improve and become an even more valuable resource.

Starting May 1, we are introducing an annual subscription fee of $39.00. As a subscriber, you will receive unrestricted access to everything you have come to expect from us – newsletters, website and special reports — plus the improvements listed above and more that we’ll tell you about in the coming months.

To make this transition easy, for the month of April we are offering a free preview to Retriever Results publications and website. To participate in this free preview, you need to register on the website and create an account. Creating an account is easy. You can use your existing Facebook or Google credentials or you can create something new using your email address and password. In the coming weeks, we’ll tell you about special subscription offers.

We appreciate your continued support of Retriever Results and hope you decide to use the free preview to check out My Dogs (up to five dogs during this period) and the new Special Services during the free preview. Thanks to you Retriever Results is already a powerful and useful service –and it can be even better. The future looks bright!


Josie Ottman and Russ Iuliano

P.S. Starting Sunday, April 1, remember to register to enjoy uninterrupted access to the web site, newsletters, and special reports.