Luke Lukasko

Luke Lukasko
Name: Luke Lukasko
Practice Name: Newton Falls Animal Hospital
Rating (average): (1)
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Business Phone Number: 330-616-3100​
Business Fax: 330-872-3255
Business Address: 333 N Canal Street
City: Newton Falls
State: Ohio
ZIP Code: 44444


Twice newton falls vet had sent my cat home in a carrier full of shit. My cat is ill and not eating, they had food there I could give him to feed him in a syringe but I wasn\'t sent home with it I had to call and ask if they could give him something and then I was told they had something there after I had already come home. Now my cat has to wait 8 days before I can give him special food in a syringe. 8 days with no food, he could have had something after 5 days. They do not care about your pets there, all they care about is money. They re 3 x more expensive than the other vets I take my animals to. And they put your pets back in carriers full of shit! You\'re not getting what you\'re paying for here folks. Go somewhere else!
Kleo kerwynn | August 13, 2023

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