Vol. XIII, Week 20 May 20, 2024


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lrc & akc canine health foundation

The Labrador Retriever Club Inc is committed to health research and partners with the the AKC Canine Health Foundation in support of that commitment. In the past 28 years, through the LRC's Donor Advised Fund and the club bank account, the Labrador Retriever Club, Inc. has donated more than $750,000 to support the health of our dogs.   

You can find out more information about how these research funds have been invested invested in the LRC AKC Canine Health Foundation Research Support History.

You can learn more about the AKC's Canine Health Foundation and the myriad of projects here.

Week 20

This week’s newsletter includes results from:

Chattanooga Retriever Club (ChatRC) - see full results
Great Salt Lake Retriever Club (GSLRC) - see full results
Long Island Retriever Field Trial Club (LIRFTC) - see full results
Memphis Amateur Retriever Club (MemARC) - see full results
Mid-illinois Retriever Club (MidIlRC) - see full results
Minnesota Field Trial Association (MFTA) - see full results
Rocky Mountain Retriever Club (RMRC) - see full results
Sooner Retriever Club (SoonRC) - see full results
Spokane Retriever Club (SpoRC) - see full results
Tidewater Retriever Club (TwRC) - see full results
Wolverine Retriever Club (WolvRC) - see full results


All Age Points:
FC-AFC Js's Jumpin' Jack Flash QA2-QFTR (BLM, 6.4 yo) owned by Chad Worsell, Jay Lucas has earned 27 Points
FC The Tin Man (BLM, 4.3 yo) owned by Naomi Evans, Tyler Evans has earned 27 Points

Open Points:
FC Outback's Rising Star (BLM, 7.9 yo) owned by Bob Zylla, Steve Yozamp has earned 77.5 Points

Amateur Points:
FC-AFC Ajtop Hardwoods Cosmic Dream Girl (BLF, 6.5 yo) owned by Chad Hansen, Ken Sacco has earned 28.5 Points
AFC Watermarks's What You Mean To Me QA2 (BLF, 9.4 yo) owned by Brad Knight, Stacy Knight has earned 26.5 Points

Back-to-Back Wins
FC-AFC Esprit's Grade A Pearl QA2 (BLF, 5.8 yo), owned by Gary Metzger, won back-to-back Opens at Minnesota Field Trial Association and Hennepin County Amateur Retriever Club
FC-AFC Rimfires Once Inna Blue Moon (BLM, 7.9 yo), owned by Mike Crow, won back-to-back Opens at Chattanooga Retriever Club and American Amateur Retriever Club

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