Vol. XIII, Week 4 Jan 30, 2023


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New Stud Dog Ads

With thousands of visitors every month, Retriever Results Stud Dog Ads make unique information available to a targeted and interested market. Ads include information on your stud dog, breeding options and bitch requirements. Plus visitors can see your reports of your stud's performance both on and off the field with profile data and results on previous offspring. Interested parties can easily generate test breedings with their bitch.

Start your Classified Ad here.

Vet Care When Travelling

Gun Dog Magazine has an article on how to be prepared in case your dog becomes injured or ill. The article interviews veterinarian Seth Bynum, DVM for his advice on how to prevent and deal with issues that may arise. 

You can also check the FREE Retriever Results vet directory with vets recommended by the community. There are more than 300 with new facilities added nearly every day. You can see it here.

Health Updates

Ear Infections
The Whole Dog Journal has published a good article on ear infections -- what to watch out for, what not to do and why they can be complicated and tricky to treat. You can read the article here.

OFA Hips
If, like many of us, you have spent time looking at radiographs of a dog's hips and tried to figure out the rating they'll receive, you know that proper positioning is critical. The OFA has published a video that walks through the process and highlights the pitfalls. You can see it here.

Training - The Human Factor

Shooting Sportsman has a good article  on how we, as trainers and handlers, can undo the good work that we also do. You can read the article here.


If you have given any thought to purchasing or using a treadmill to keep your dog fit, you may want to check out this article from Working Dog magazine entitled "The Canine Athlete: Treadmill Use." It has good tips on what to look for when purchasing a machine and how to put it to best use.

You can read the article here.

CDC Extends Suspension of Dog IMports

The CDC has made two announcements concerning the importation of dogs.

  • A temporary suspension of dogs imported from high-risk rabies-enzootic countries through July 31, 2023
  • All foreign-vaccinated dogs entering the country must have a microchip record along with their rabies vaccination certificate

Those Blue Links

Did you know that clicking on a blue link will take you to more information about the the dog, person or event? Why not give it a try?

Week 04

This week’s newsletter includes results from:

South Louisiana Retriever Club (SLRC) - see full results
Southern Arizona Retriever Club (SARC) - see full results
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