Vol. XIII, Week 42 Oct 23, 2023


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Win a UTV

Tractor Supply and Purina Pro Plan have teamed up and are offering a chance to win a UTV or a one-year supply of Purina Pro Plan performance.

Interested? You can enter here.

PennHIP and Hip Dysplasia Q&A

If you're registered with Good Dog, you may be interested in attending their online sessions with Dr. Gail Smith  to learn more about PennHIP and Hip Dysplasia. 

You can register here

They Ate What?

Veterinary Practice News has a contest where vets send in x-rays from pets that have consumed things they shouldn't as well as photos of what was ultimately removed from the dog.

You can see the submissions and the winner here.

AKC Legislative Alerts

The AKC has a group dedicated to tracking legislation across the country that may be contrary to dog owners' best interests. You can stay on top of what is happening in your state and find out how to take action here.

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