Vol. XIII, Week 6 Feb 13, 2023


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Kennel Names

One of the things we do at Retriever Results is track the type of handler (amateur or pro). And if the handler is a pro, we try to add in the kennel name. Most of the time we get the designation right and most of the time we figure out the kennel name. 

Here are a few that we’re missing. If anyone knows the kennel name, please send it to us. (And if the person below is in fact, not a pro, we'd appreciate knowing that too.)

David Abbott
Victor Esnard
Aaron Green
Douglas Heaton II
Beverly Heckrotte
Thomas Hendricks
Rod King
Tim Mattei
Larry Meagher
Ben Pollard


Hookworms Resistant to Treatment
Veterinary Practice News reports that the incidence of hookworms across the country has grown from 4% in 2018 to from 3% in 2015. And it’s no longer just concentrated in the South.

You can read more here.



Heartworm Incidence
In addition to producing this triennial map the American Heartworm Society website has a series of maps that show how the incidence of heartworm has dramatically changed. You can see it here.

Week 06

This week’s newsletter includes results from:

Bryan-college Station Retriever Club (BCSRC) - see full results
Cajun Riviera Field Trial Club (CajRFTC) - see full results
Central Coast Hunting Retriever Club (CCHRC) - see full results
Mid-florida Golden Retriever Club (MidFlGRC) - see full results
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