Vol. XIV, Week 6 Feb 12, 2024


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Retriever Hall of Fame Inductees

Congratulations (again) to those inducted into the Retriever Hall of Fame this weekend. The ceremony took place at The Bird Dog Foundation in Grand Junction, Tennessee.

Billy Sargenti (Sargenti Retrievers)
Dick Dallesasse

NAFC-FC Texas Troubador, owned by Martha and John Russell, Jr.

NFC-AFC WindyCity'sMightyMouse, owned by Charlie Hines, III

Retriever Results subscribers can check out the records of these extraordinary handlers and dogs on our website: www.RetrieverResults.com

NFC-AFC WindyCity'sMightyMouse, owned by Charlie Hines, III, was inducted.(l-r) Dave Rorem and Chris Ledford celebrate Billy Sargenti's induction.

The Origin of AKC Shows

According to a recent article about the AKC: 

As Conformation events caught on in the U.S., 12 sportsmen gathered at the Philadelphia Kennel Club. Each represented a dog club that previously held a benched dog show or field trial. This was the formation of the American Kennel Club in 1994. The association adopted a Constitution and By-Laws, and Major James M. Taylor was elected as AKC's first president. The AKC established breeding records of purebred dogs in the U.S.

You can read the rest of the article here.

Week 06

This week’s newsletter includes results from:

Acadiana Retriever Club (AcRC) - see full results
Lassen Retriever Club (LasRC) - see full results
Michiana Retriever Club (MichaRC) - see full results
Southern California Retriever Club (SCRC) - see full results
Southwest Georgia Retriever Club (SGRC) - see full results
Tall Pines Retriever Club (TPRC) - see full results
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